Problem is money, and lack thereof


It is nearing the end of the month. I look expectantly at the calendar. Only a few days more, till my salary gets credited in my account. As I go on with my daily chores, I reflect whether this is the same mental state of others. I read a joke once that the sound sweeter than hearing “I love you” from your beloved is the whirring sound of the ATM machine when counting and delivering cash.

Our needs have grown from the basic concept of roti- kapda- makaan . It has become an indisputable fact that we have let currency dictate our sentiments and disposition. We rush to meet deadlines posed by various authorities, whose job is to extract recurring amounts from us. Utility bills, school fees, house rent top the list of money scavengers. We are in a constant state of anxiety to fulfill these obligations. And our quest in gathering the requisite amount, sometimes subject us to undue pressure. We subconsciously curse our employer or provider (husband/father) for not giving us required economic stability.

We frequently get into a fix which we like to call as financial crisis. When multiple items pop up in our “to-buy” list, we draw a budget, prioritizing what has to be bought immediately and what purchase can be transferred to the following month. Sometimes this constant cringing builds up undue animosity towards the affluent, the one who buys ten times more than what he needs. Some find solace in giving a detailed up-to-date account of their financial troubles to anyone who cares to visit them. Others borrow money by weaving a sad tale on the first given opportunity. Whatever the case maybe, the bottom-line is that lack of money leads to an outburst of negative emotions.

Now, let us pause and think about where we are headed to if this continues. Is there a way to be content with what we have and manage with it? Can we look at those stuck under poverty and thank our stars for being better off comparatively? Is there a way to smile at the face of a fiscal strain? We can try to build financial stability by making some conscious decisions. Of course, it is vital that we don’t spend for stuff that is not really necessary.  The need of the moment is to draw up a savings plan, can be a small amount but should be consistent. Putting aside a little amount every month is the core concept of every investment scheme, which is instrumental in beating inflation and building the emergency fund we require.

Teaching kids the value of money and making them understand that not to purchase all that they fancy , goes a long way in making them financially stable individuals.  When they realize that money is to be spent for essential things on a priority basis, they get the picture of how cash is to be used. Even when a major, unavoidable expense comes up, not losing our ground and standing together as a family, helps cope up the situation. Nowadays we find youngsters earning and financing their college education themselves, something that is highly commendable. When there is good communication among family members on intelligent spending, it is possible to fulfill the monetary needs of all effectively.

An important value that should be highlighted here is charity. We need to emphasize our duty of providing to the lesser fortunate whenever we can. There can be no difference of opinion on the fact that helping the needy invokes the blessings of the Almighty on the charitable person. Being jealous of the wealthy and cursing your difficult economic situation is only going to push you down. Charity is a doorway to earn self-integrity and refine humanitarian senses.

So the next time you get tensed about a financial commitment, or resentment towards the person who swindled what was rightfully due to you, remember, nature has a beautiful design of bringing the needful upto you, if you act right and truly believe. Let’s work together in building a hassle-free future in this money-crazy world!

~ Fahima Yousouf

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