Microtale #26 ‘Gravely’ concerned

photo of gray concrete road in the middle of jungle during daylight
Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

The road was deserted. Kevin was happy not to run into anyone. As he walked, he saw the church tower looming in the distance.

On reaching the rusty gates, he gave a mighty push and entered the compound. He gazed at the tombstones of varying sizes, arranged systematically on the grounds.

There was not a living soul in sight but he felt strangely peaceful. Time was running out for him and he’d finally come to accept that. His terminal illness would soon bring him here.

He wanted to have a good look at his final resting place.

Winning entry for #100WordStory prompt “Your one and only” One character story by Momspresso

In response to Fiction Monday picture and word prompt “time” hosted by Vinitha Dileep

~ Fahima Yousouf

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